IDK which IDE

Mainly because JME3 has tutorials for doing so, I noticed that JME3 can be run in a different IDE other than the jMonkeyPlatform. The two given the most focus are Netbeans and Eclipse.

Is there a “best” IDE in which to run JME3 with? What are the advantages/disadvantages of Netbeans, Eclipse and the jMonkeyPlatform?

They are all the same tools, which you like best is personal preference. Its like using Safari, FireFox or Google Chrome. One is better in this respect for a while, the other in another respect but generally there is not much difference and they all get the job done pretty similar.

jMonkeyPlatform is based on the same platform that NetBeans is based on and so it is compatible to normal NetBeans plugins and extensions and in fact uses the same java code editor and java project management system as NetBeans. Plus it gives you a steadily extended dedicated toolset for jme3 project management.



I prefer Eclipse, simply because I am used to it and I feel most at home there. Also looks better than NetBeans IMO. :slight_smile: I combine it with NetBeans just for AWT/Swing design. I don’t use jMonkeyPlatform, but I hear that is awsum. :slight_smile:

Well I think when you take away the AWT or SWT part which is not relevant for jME games anyway then NetBeans and Eclipse are only marginally different for editing java code :slight_smile: I also use an Eclipse RCP version for javacard coding and its really the same. jMP even has an “Eclipse” keyboard preset :wink:



I’ve always preferred Eclipse when developing java code…however, with the maturing of jMP, I’d suggest getting use to jMP (like Normen pointed out, there’s an ‘Eclipse’ key preset you can use too).

IMO, by sticking with Eclipse, you’re really missing out on all the powerful editors that are available or will become available to jMP (terrain editor, material editor, etc.). I’ve made the jump to jMP and I’m glad I did!

Thank you all for the replies. Looks like I’ll use jMP as my IDE. :slight_smile: