If anyone is wondering

…why I seem to be posting less…

It’s not lack of interest or motivation. It’s because after the last forum update, the tab title no longer indicates when there are new messages. I don’t know why of if there is a way to turn it back on or whatever.

So anyway, in a stack of browser windows that DO indicate new messages (Slack, Discord, etc.), I sometimes forget to specifically look at the JME window until I’ve run out of other things to do.

And maybe no one noticed. :slight_smile:



The updates were left so long apart that I gave up reading the change log.

I’ll try remember to update more often so we don’t jump from the Stone Age to the Information Age every time :confused:

I don’t want little pop-ups in my start bar… never mind that I might not be at my machine to see them if it’s just a pop-up.

I just want to see at a glance that there are new posts. There used to be an indicator in the title of the tab. I don’t remember if it was a count or a (*)… but some indicator.

The two twitter accounts I keep open show the count of new notifications. Slack shows a (*)… as does discord, I think. I don’t remember what the forum used to do.

Hmmm… looks like maybe this will do it?

…we’ll see. It was off before and I’ve turned it on now.


Test 2.

You might not see anything unless there’s new activity from someone else, so here’s ‘pong’ to your ‘ping’

Nope. Still nothing. I turned on notifications but that just makes little popups.

Oh… well, I’ll try to remember to check the forum at least twice a day.

Now that you mentioned it, I see same behavior. Used to get numbers in the tab.

If I leave the main forum page open I still see the notification bar about new post numbers.

Some sites prevent sleep mode when doing updates like that though but as long as there is a toggle to turn it off, no problem.

Don’t you also have to change the one right below it, “Background page title displays count of:” to “New Page Content”? (Not sure what “background page title” is…)


This should do it… Per discourse release notes, anyway.

‘background page title’ is the text of a tab that does not currently have focus. Keep in mind, it applies to the page that the tab is on. If you’re viewing a specific topic, it will only show updates for that topic (which is the old default behavior)

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Ok, I’ve changed that, too… we’ll see.

I set it to “New Page Content” and seems tab notification is working again for me.