If you are good at jme java script!

Yo i have a great idea for an mmorpg and i would like to make it a game, if you live in melbourne australia i can reach you easily but if anywere else i would go over the net. please, it is a really good idea.

Let's start the trolling  }:-@

Seriously, the "java script" part, the "i have got a genius idea" and the "you just have code it", haven't heard that in a while 

If you smell a troll, don't feed it. I would have preferred that you did not say anything Nico, as that might have given mattish some time to reflect on what he was actually doing here while his thread was going through the 'dry season'. Now I have to make it clear right away.

@mattish: First of all, your approach to making a good first impression does not follow common sense. Looking at any other thread in this forum you'll see that making the thread of your title in all CAPITALIZED LETTERS is not common practice around here.

Secondly, you actually talk about 'java script' instead of 'java', which points to that you have made a major misconception thinking that Java=JavaScript, further pointing to that you have not done your research at all. If you do not know the slightest thing about programming, how do you expect to communicate your ideas to programmers?

Thirdly, you just say you have an idea, but you won't even talk about it the slightest bit? If you had any experience with game development you'd know that ideas are a dime a dozen; they're worthless until you can prove that you believe in this idea more than any other golden nugget you ever came up with, and you will take any and all work upon yourself that you are capable of doing, and become more capable as you're doing it all.

On top of that, the idea is for an 'MMO', without doubt the hardest game of all to make, at least with the average scope of the trend. Please don't take this as an insult, but I would assume your idea revolves around changing some small features of a game like WoW, while keeping all the core mechanics of it such as the level grind, the missions, the tiered items, the major boss fights, the faction vs faction, etc. but in your game, the setting is situated in the skies, everyone sort of pounces elegantly on the skies, and the combat system has been revolutionized by using the mouse to determine the direction in which to wield your weapon, so that fights won't just depend on level but actual combat skills.

You haven't really done anything inherently wrong by posting your idea on this form, that's all well and good in common practice, but because of your broken approach you will not attract anything better than flamebait, as this is the internet after all. Get older, get wiser, and come back with an idea you can pitch.

Thanks, erlend_sh, I just wasn't in the mood to elaborate.

ohk, im sorry its just i have been wanting to make a game for a long time now and no it is not just a form of wow, it has its own classes and custom class, races, crafting skills eg Blacksmithy, crafting, cooking and wood cutting, i just think that (in my opinion) runescape is a java game and that is really really addictive, i played it for 3 years and i didn't even like it. but yeah i like it and also one good aspect is that there are 3 races, one that is a trader race, one forest race and one that lived underground and can manipulate elements. also please do not post that much of a read, it took like 5 mins to read (not the brightest spark eh?). thankyou.