Illegal start type and opengl?

Hi was fooling around with the import and when i was trying to do some stuff i got a illegal start type does this have something to do with the need of a class,void,boolean. or something of the sort to make it work? or something totaly different. Also i am missing the javadocs for the opengl imports and was wondering were i can get the docs. Thanks =]

Make sure you try to post your queries in the appropriate boards.

When you’re looking for help, you have to realize that the quality of the information you give will be relative to the information you get. You would be much better off detailing exactly what you were trying to do, with what code, rather than saying “trying to do some stuff”. Though it sometimes appears that way, the developers are not psychics, and they rely on solid data to provide solutions.

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Okay thankyou i dont go on forums much so thankyou for this. About the illegal start type it was just a question that wasnt really about my code i just got this when i was trying to make a directonal light for future reference i guess i should have posted the code on the site sorry:roll:. Thanks for the info.