IllegalArgumentException when loading big models in JME3.1 Spatial Explorer

IllegalArgumentException: Number of remaining buffer elements is 1595440, must be at least 3686400. Because at most 3686400 elements can be returned, a buffer with at least 3686400 elements is required, regardless of actual returned element count

I get this exception when trying to load some of my models into JME3.1 Spatial Exlorer, especially bigger ones. Is there something I can do to reduce the chance of this happening?

Please include stack traces with exceptions or just don’t bother. It’s 95% of the useful information.

I can’t in this case because this is that exporter made by @david_bernard_31 and thus I’m launching it from and .exe file rather than source code.

I’m not on Windows, but maybe you have a log (dir or file) in the directory of the ModelViewer.

I don’t know where I could find such a file.

Maybe a dir app/log near launch.exe.
Where do you see the error message you pasted at the top message ?

Sorry for responding late: busy day. The error message pops up as a separate window, just like in JME 3.1. As for the that file near lauch.exe, I’ve only found lauch and latest_getdown.txt.

Never mind, it appears as the Spatial Explorer does not crash if I simply wait for it to render the model being loaded.

Technology. :laughing: