Im leaving


It has been hectic with me and jme for a while now, and I think a couple of days ago its reached its climax. Cutting things short, im leaving Jme and all the work ive done. Any code ive posted on the forums i give away for free, the physics and game system, all yours, free and I dont want to support them. Irrisor, Per, tGiant, mcbeth, take care of the physics system.


sad to see you leave DP, but what's up with you anyway, very Little have phased you the past, anyway, you can talk to me if you like, always good to vent even to strangers

I hope you didn't take my comment to be offensive  in plain english it just  means  "things tend work themselves out" at any rate it was  a pleasure you have great potential you'll go far in life.

That'sa shame. I'm really impressed by how productive your phyisics code turned out.


O np my friend.

What is up with that? Are you leaving because of studies or because you are tired

of jME and physics?

Well, all I can say is good luck and hope to here from you again! :-o

Hey, DP, maybe You could just take a break instead and think this over, because i feel jme and the community will miss You very badly.

Good Luck anyways  :expressionless:

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taking a break is not going to solve it…I probably feel more emotional towards jme than its owners, ive wanted it to be a full engine right from the word go and ive been here, in this same community, from the word go. But along the way, certain people got in the way and I dont have good negotiation skills :slight_smile:

I would like to thank renanse for everything. I owe everything I know to this man, im sure he will look after the community and be a good friend along the way too.

Anyways, as a last good gesture towards the community, here is the source and required libs for volatileZapper2 which uses the game system…

Regards all…

winkman said:

Hey, DP, maybe You could just take a break instead and think this over, because i feel jme and the community will miss You very badly.

Good Look anyways

DP (and mcbeth too I suppose),

even if you are set on leaving (you should be having fun doing this after all), could you tell us what you feel has changed that makes you want to leave? I suggested that "the rest" of us don't go into discussion about what you would have to say (you don't seem in the mood for that), but maybe it can still help us further along even after you've gone. (well, and I guess we'd be hoping you take a look one day and like what you see enough to return)

I'm somewhat new to jME, but it's community is one of it's best assets I think. Makes me wonder what I missed by coming late to the party.

A little personal history I'm from a small caribbean Island where the idea of programming let alone games still is, pretty allien a concept career wise. its pretty much limited to business, medicine, heavy industry " having a shit load of oil and gas under our feet, it kinda stands to reason", tax compliance is my real job. when I began exploring this stuff I was quite frankly amazed and a bit terrified by it all learning java, java3d, xith… in fact I got my very first computer in 2001.

when I found jme even in it's infant stages it felt like a solution to a problem unlike xith that felt like a solution to make solutions to problems, inexperience and physical constraints made xith unattractive to me so I decided to stick with jme and saw it develop into something that was easyish to work with, hell I know more about jme than java as a language, I have several still scenes with it.

when mojo anounced changes in code management after an expressed disinterest in continuing with project, felt that I would once again be placed in my xith predicament especially when its not immediately apparent how drastically jme's way of donig things will change post 0.9, but DP's continued enthusiasm hard work, generousity and general helpfulness along with the books that I have to import made me feel like I could get some where with this.

there is no one else that have entertained my question especially the idiot ones, like he has.


we'll see how it goes, my fear is that the birth of jme 0.9 will bring about the death of the physics api seeing as there is now no one officallly keepng it updated. Per in an indirect way has also left.

it seems wrong

Don't worry about jmephysics - I'll have an eye on it (I will definately use it after 0.9)

Nonetheless it is really sad that DP wants to leave us.  :frowning:

Yeah, as soon the jME 0.9 changes are in, the first thing I'm (if not anyone else beats me to it) gonna do is to update jme-physics together with the other stuff I've written.

DP has done a wonderful job providing support here on the forum, so I guess that now when he's "gone", me and Irrisor has to make a bit more effort filling up the gap. And as always we'd love to see other people joining up to keep the project going strong.

Sorry to see you write this DP.  I feel like if I hadn't been gone with eye surgery I might have been around on IM to calm you down and talk you out of this.  ;)  Of course, you can always just change your mind again later and pick things back up.

As mentioned above, Mojo has felt similiarly and to be honest, so have I.  When you work on a free project, especially one you are passionate about, your only reward is seeing things "turn out" or "succeed" in the project.  Unfortunately, as in all projects, a volunteer project will have periods of time where things don't work out…  In a real job, you ride out those periods because you like getting paid.  In a volunteer project, you can only ride it out through sheer, hardnosed stubborness and at times there may just not be enough of that.

Anyhow, thanks for all of your contributions and the kind words you wrote.  You have definitely matured and improved tremendously as a person and a programmer in the year and a half that I've "known" you via this forum.  Best of luck friend.