I'm New

Hello All,

Ima New Here i have been looking for a good 3D engine and this looks good but i want use to tell me what you think about it

thanks well i will keep use informed i guess on what goes on Well i hope this will stay free and stay like it is with people coding it better

And thank you for your support do you have a like a PDF Doc all bout java and the codes because most cost money



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hi and welcome. The engine is very good, with active contributors and a good community backing which is only growing. The features of the engine can be found here: http://jmonkeyengine.com/engine/. What are you looking for exactly? Pretty much anything you imagine can be done, depending on your skill level.

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thanks for the response ima pretty noobie but i am willing to learn and i will start learning very soon

any tips for TuT to look at

All tutorials are located here, go through them all, starting with “Hello SimpleApplication”, and working your way down:


This also helps:


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Thanks very much i willl listen / read books about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it so ironic that you send him to TheNewBoston @wezrul :smiley:

haha xD

Idk what use talking about

But i am interested if anyone is interested on teaching me i would help me alot or can some1 upload the codes for every Java code or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:


@bucky it’s funny because @wezrule suggested you watch TheNewBoston’s video and the guy’s nickname that does these video is Bucky. It’s ironic. :wink: