I'm stupid... maybe even should read the manual

I feel very sheepish.

Why not write some javaDoc entries  :smiley:

llama said:

Why not write some javaDoc entries


well maybe you can put them in BOLD then? Just for you?  }:-@

llama said:


well maybe you can put them in BOLD then? Just for you?

The javadocs are generally pretty sparse, but this is one area where it's actually documented, though I think I knew the difference before seeing it in the docs because ren posted optimizations to some bad code I wrote (or explained that I was creating a pile of objects unnecessarily) in the forums. You aren't the only one who's going to wear a newbie crown for two years (I'm afraid to see when I registered but 3D has always knocked me for a loop in a lot of ways long before I even heard of jME… or even LWJGL or JOGL which I was familiar with at least a year ahead of jME).

i can really recommend having the jme source at hand and have a quick look into just about every method you use…really good both for learning and understanding :slight_smile:

No worries guys…as long as I'm here you all should feel smart. :wink:

You make a good point MrCoder. When I saw the javadoc come up in Eclipse's help tool I did track down the code then too. I do tons of learning that way, this one just caught me broadside because I took things for granted.

And darkfrog… I couldn't feel smarter now :).

Thanks for all the encouragement folks!

Thats something I had a problem with too! I got my program to work though, now. :slight_smile:

Happy I can assist. :wink:

hey, don't worry. i'm since quite a while on this board and i'm still a newbie.

maybe i would have learnt more if there wouldn't have been that frog that made me feel soooo intelligent :stuck_out_tongue: bwahahaha