Image based height map for dynamic heights

Hello, I need some help looking for resources.
In one of my topics I was suggested to use a painter thread that will paint to a texture a value between black and white (grey scale) for image based height maps.
My separate thread would paint the color based on a height value then give this to the GPU to adjust the height accordingly rather than setting the values directly on my CPU because these height values change through out runtime.
I also wanted to know how I can also mix this with texture splatting to not only get a height based on gray scale values but also a texture.

Wouldn’t that essentially be the texture splatting stuff that’s in the wiki?

I know about the Wiki. I want to use both the splatting and image based height map and see if it’s possible to do both.
Plus I need to know how to paint to a texture in code

Thanks, I’ll study up on this code :wink: