Image being flipped

Good day ladies and gents.

I’m creating a procedural terrain - and with it a procedural alpha map. The problem is that whenever the alpha image is generated, it appears to be flipped is some kind of way.

If I want it to display correctly, I have to flip the Z axis - which displays it correctly: that is to say - instead of using (x, z) for the chunk co-ordinates, i have to use (x, -z).

I understand that you have the option of flipping when you load from the asset manager, however I am dynamically generating the alpha map based on the terrain height - and so no “path” exists for me to use for the asset manager, and it does not accept an overload of (Image, boolean) - only (String, boolean).

So my question is either “how do i flip an Image (com.jme3.texture.Image)” - or how do I load an Image into the asset manager so it maintains the same “flip” as the rest of the game?

Surely you must be generating it the wrong way round then, if its procedurally generated?