Image Flickering


I have looked around all the forum to find an explanation of the problem. But it seams that I am the first one that noticed it.

I observed that image flikers.

At the begining, 1 or 2 month ago, i thought that it depends on the slow hardware I used as platform for coding.

Pentium III (Katmai), 600 MHz

AGP 2x, Nvidia Riva TNT 2, 16 MB

192 MB of PC 100 system RAM

The solution, under Linux, had been setting on the synch of frame rate with the vertical refresh rate, using the nvidia-setting controll pannel, installed with the Nvidia Drivers. Of course loosing a lot of speed (200-300 FPS to 25-80 FPS).

Anyway I still thought that it would depend on slowness of the system. That's because i saw the same flikering effects on system windows, both with Linux and Windows (98, the system shipped with that computer, when we bought it).

But today I have seen the same problem under Mac OS X Panther (10.3.9). But I still thought depending on slowness:

Mac G4, 466 MHz

AGP 4X, ATI Rage 128 Pro, with 16 MB of VRAM

384 MB of PC 133 system RAM

Than, moved by this doubt, I runned the test where the problem is more visible: the dynamic smoker, on the newest machine.

Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz

AGP 8x, ATI Radeon 9200 SE T, with 128 MB of VRAM

512 MB of system RAM

And the result had been exactly the same.

Any idea?

Can you describe more precisely what 'flickering' means in this case?

Are you talking about screen tearing?

renanse said:

Are you talking about screen tearing?


Sorry for my English. I should keep in my mind that the effect I saw is called Screen Tearing and not Flikering, but I allways forget it.