ImagedBasedHeightMap on Android

Ive never tried it but I believe anything under a 256 x 256 image for terrain should work

Well I tried it with 128x128 and I only got a black terrain.
Here is a screen shot:

I can confirm that it works. Try to place an unshaded material at runtime on the terrain. I think you have the same problem with your phone as I have.

That’s with lighting material only right?

Yes, you’re right. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 / Mali 400 / Android 2.3. It has the same issue as the S2. It also has the same GPU.

Ok…the same old issue that has been fixed with 2.3.6 for the S2…
I don’t know what to say, there is no know workaround for this…i guess that was some bug between the hardware and the os version…

I have Android 2.3.6 and it’s not fixed. There is an update to Android 4.1 announced. I hope it fixes the problem.

Can you add this problem to the issue tracker ? It’s still there.

mhh…I remember it was fixed with this version.
did you try to disable texture compression?
TextureUtil.ENABLE_COMPRESSION = false;
in your activity constructor.

Yes, I tried that.

Thanks for your answers.