ImagePainter package or ImageRaster?

I’m looking to edit the textures loaded onto my shapes during runtime and was looking through the forum here to see what was suggested. During this it became apparent that there may have been a bit of a… oooo… I dunno… split of opinions on ImagePainter vs ImageRaster where ImageRaster “seemed” to win out in the end and ImagePainter’s backend apparently using ImageRaster…

Now in saying that after doing a quick comparison of posts sorted by date it seems people as of 20days ago are still talking about ImageRaster vs ImagePainter which was last mentioned on December of 2015 and the post didn’t get a reply regarding some issue that was going on.

My question then becomes… which one should I use?

I’m sure each way has their merits but there doesn’t seem to be much outlining what image painter can do at this point either.

ImagePainter wraps ImageRaster to define more features like drawing lines, circles, etc…

ImageRaster is just a raw raster where you set colors at specific x,y locations.

They don’t do the same job. So use the one that does the job you need.

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Thank yee kind sir. :relaxed: