"ImageReadParam num source & dest bands differ!"

Hi I have a problem loading my models. I always get the message "ImageReadParam num source & dest bands differ!".

I do not know exactly where it comes from since JME libs build without debug info and I don't know how to build it with debug info.

I suspect it is due to the fact that my textures are 8 bit PNG's and JME expect 32 bit ones, can't they get converted internally?

Hmm, I have seen that before, can't think of any thing specific though.  I think it may be a logic error on your part, double check your textures and paths.

I use 8bit PNGs all the time.  :slight_smile:

Some images from JME cvs got this error too.

Some images from JME cvs got this error too.


It is definetely the 8 bit PNG's. If I convert them to 32 bit files before I start my game then they are loaded normally.

The error seem to occur with all 8 bit PNG's not just with specific files.

I use

loadedModel = (Node) BinaryImporter.getInstance().load(new ByteArrayInputStream(BO.toByteArray()));

to import my models, so I have no control over how textures are processed.

What are you using to create the 8bit pngs?

Microsoft Paint or ACDSee.

The lensFlare example is having this error.

:-o  you're right, I do remember launching that test a little while ago too (maybe a month to 1.5).

Since it's easter most people are doing the family thing.  I'm sure it will get all straightened soon. :slight_smile:

It's due to a new contribution meant to improve the speed of imageio reading.  I'll look into fixing or reverting it here shortly.

reverted for now.  Waiting to see if the original contributer can come up with a fix.

Thanx renanse

Very timely :slight_smile: