Images assets paths autocompletion and preview

Lately I was working on some plugin for JME SDK to provide a autocompletion of assets inside java strings, similar to @normen autocompletion in the nightlies.

I was lacking of the possibility to preview images.

This plugin gives that possibility - although it’s not a fully professional - the preview window is not native NB window, instead a Swing window that sometimes needs to be manually closed. Here is a screenshot of how it works:

And here is a NBM plugin file:
Dropbox - Error
To use it simply start inserting a string in java source and a window will popup when used with the completion (CTRL + SPACEBAR).


That’s a really neat idea :slight_smile:

I’ve updated this plugin. Now it is possible to customize some settings from the Options->Editor panel.
The plugin also works different way from the nightly - it only supports images and model files (“jpeg, jpg, png, gif, tga” and “j3o”). I needed this functionality but if someone wants support for xml files or any other formats, please post below.

A screenshot of settings in panel:

And a plugin file to install (.nbm) using Tools->Plugins->Downloaded->Add Plugins in the SDK: