Images in the wiki

i updated a section in the wiki recently and added a screenshot (eclipse_installed_jres.jpg) but it won't display.

the wiki's "media manager" displays this waring:

Warning: getimagesize(/home/jmonke2/public_html/wiki/data/media//eclipse_installed_jres.jpg) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/jmonke2/public_html/wiki/inc/JpegMeta.php on line 1216

could someone please look into this (and eventually update dokuwiki to the latest version)?

Mark may be the only one who can do this.  You may need to drop him a line.

I'll update the wiki software and look into it as soon as I have a chance. It may be Sunday or Monday.

thank you

Attempted to update last night and failed miserably :slight_smile:

Will try again tonight.

just don't give up :wink:

edit: and don't forget to back up. :smiley:

how/where do i upload images to the wiki?

i can't even find this media manger sfera speaks about :slight_smile:

when editing a page in the wiki, just above the text box, there's a link called "media files".

doh, thanks, i must have been blind.

I was looking at the top and bottom of the page for the link :slight_smile:

btw: there is quite a bit spam in the root namespace of the media files

yes i know about that trash. it's quite old