Implementing a Radar


I'm trying to create a rather simple networked game and I was having a little trouble with the radar.

The radar is simply a quad textured with a semi-transparent .png. There are a couple things that I was having trouble with.

My thinking:

  1. Have a maximum radius
  2. For each client within the radius

  3. Find the angle between your local rotation and their local translation (not sure if this is quite right)
  4. Show a blip on the radar at (d cos a, d sin a) relative to the center of the radar (small green Quad? Again, is this right?)


    So I guess my questions are:
  5. Is the distance and angle and position finding method correct? Should I be finding the angle between your rotation vector and the vector from your position to the other client, instead of what I said above?

  6. How in the world do I get the blips on the radar? Rendering to texture? This seems rather slow and it might not be supported well on some computers (like mine - I need to update my driver - so it uses copy texturing or something, instead). Multitexturing? Simply placing the blips in the rootNode in the right place? This seems kinda ugly… :expressionless:

  7. What would you recommend for the blips? Little Quads?

  8. Is my logic sensible at all?  :lol:

    Phew! That's a lot :smiley: