Implementing a threaded viewport

Is there a way to have a viewport rendered in a different thread?.

I would like to have a load-screen app state that can be added to any game. This screen must disable every input (done) and show a loading scene (this scene must have some “smooth” movements) so I though on adding a post-viewport on the top but this one would be updated in the main thread so if the main thread is busy with some heavy asset loads, that viewport would also notice this “lag” and it won’t be smooth at all.

Reversing the thread usage, giving the main thread to that load-screen and pre-loading the assets in a secondary thread is not currently a feasible option.

So… I would like to know if a viewport can be rendered somehow in a different thread or if there is any other workaround for this.

So… the possible way is not a feasible option. I guess you have issues.

Rendering must be done on the rendering thread. Loading assets can happen on any thread.

Yes… I had some issues xP but since this was the only way, I had to fix them all.

Thanks for answering.