Import animations

Can i import FBX model and animations files straightforward in JME3 ?
Do i need to follow each steps of this guide ?

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No , you can skip some steps, depends on what you are doing model wise. If you don’t need a normal map, don’t add one. If you are not using animations, skip that part. You can just use a diffuse color and leave it at that if that’s all you need. Some parts are there to save you from making mistakes and wasting hours of time.

You can use the models for testing in many formats but for live game it needs to be j3o.

Once you finish the tutorials, you should have a clearer picture.


Textures are created outside of Blender.
Blender 2.7 and up FBX export has dialog with many checkbox,
Are animations imported straightforward ?

I believe nope!
Last time I checked it was broken with fbx exported with blender.
You may take a look at this

JM3 seem to be very late about animations.
Is there some animation format that is almost straightforward with JME3 ? Collada ? GLFT ?

Yes, try gltf with this add-on

And make sure to check exported gltf file in a gltf validator before importing to JME.
I am putting a few of them here :

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Thanks, this will help.

Have you successfully imported your animations into JME?