Import .blend model with armature animation problems

I’ve searched arround about this problem and tried figuring it out myself but no luck.

jMonkey .blend import is not loading my animations correctly, with multiple animation tracks or a single track containing all the animations. Here are the problems I’m having:

  • The bone location and rotation is not pulled in with the animation.
  • With a single track it does not split the animations as specified, with the corresponding names.
  • Multiple tracks are not named as in blender.
  • With multiple tracks my texturing dissapears on import.

I know I could use OgreXML with an older version of Blender (before 2.7), as done successfully with a previouse model I’ve used, but it does not seem to work with this model as the textures do not get imported.

If someone could explain the Animation Control does not load the animations correctly with a .blend import, or if there might be a work around I could try.