Import Blender3d Normal Map for a j3o model


Having just tried the SDK to import a model from Blender3d OgreXML export and convert it into j3o to use in JME, which itself works fine however the normal map created in Blender3d now is wrong.

Previously I’ve been using the standard OgreXML importing, which has it’s own quirk of rotating the model in Blender when creating the normal map then having to vertically flip the image prior to using in JME …however I just can’t figure out how to get it correct with the j3o model.

So, if anyone has a process for getting the normal map import / creation in Blender3d correct for JME when using the j3o converted binary file – sharing would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Create a j3m material in the SceneComposer (properties window of the geometry) and set the normal map in that j3m.

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did you generate tangents for your model?

can you show a screenshot?

There is an issue with normalmapping. Please, show your screenshot.

Anyway, you can try model viewer:

You can invert normals there when you load normal map.

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Thank you all for the replies.

It’s taken a few days to find some more free time, and I’m happy to report that this problem is now solved!

Turns out that I’d forgotten when generating the Normal Map in Blender3d to use the Tangent space, leaving it as World space, which was unfortunate …as only Tangent space produces the correct normal map :roll:

After generating the correct normal map, imported into the SDK, it worked like a charm!

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