Import External Projects Assets

Hey Guys,

I want to automatically let the SDK Manage my Assets from my AgentKeeper Project. Instead of anoying copy & paste update I found the “Import External Projects Assets” Feature. Sound really cool.

But it seems not to Work for me. Just a normal Maven-Eclipse Project. When I try to set it up I got an Regex Error…some Failures about the Path-Structure?

When I try to type it then by myself its also not Working. So…How to do that? SDK is latest Nighty.

Project Location: C:\Users\Flipflop\mavenProjekte\jadexv2\jadex-agentkeeper
Assets Location: C:\Users\Flipflop\mavenProjekte\jadexv2\jadex-agentkeeper\src\main\assets

Hope someone could help, would be totally time-saving when that would be work :slight_smile:

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Ok, I made the Project inside the SDK by manually editing the file to that:
[java]#assets properties
#Thu Jan 31 19:04:20 CET 2013[/java]

Then I get the Console-Output “DesktopAssetManager created.
Add locator:C:/Users/Flipflop/mavenProjekte/jadexv2/jadex-agentkeeper/src/main/assets/”

Now I can go through the Tree and edit the Assets. But its not like an ProjectAssets Folder in a pure JME SDK Netbeans Project.

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Project Location: C:\Users\Flipflop\mavenProjekte\jadexv2\jadex-agentkeeper
Assets Location: src\main\assets

The wizard is really not checking a lot of stuff before applying the path “mindlessly” :wink: If you try and enter it manually, try using forward slashes.

Hey Thanks,

when I do that I got the same Result like shown in the Screenshot.

I mean is also okay, just looks different like a “normal” Asset-Folder in a SDK Project, but is enough for me. The main Goal is that it dont distract the Eclipse Project and can edit the Assets easiliy in the SDK…and until now I dont have Problems, so again i can only thank you all for your great Work!

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Oh, I didn’t see your second post, had that page open for too long. Okay, thanks, thats all useful info.

Btw, you are looking at the file browser and not the project browser there in the screenshot.

@PhilipWilluweit: Do you also get backwards slashes in the “Project Folder” field when you select the folder with the file chooser?

Okay I cleaned up the wizard and it should now work better, I’d still need some info on that path though.

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Ah, I just showed the File Browser because my Proct Browser looks like that and can´t even expand it (the agentkeeper project loaded as external assets):

Sorry for the delayed answer, kind of busy here :slight_smile:

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