Import from 3D max (.3ds) to jmonkey

HELLO its newbie again;

can anyone help me on how to import from .3ds to jmonkey beacause nobody in lebanon uses blender, instead they all use 3DMax thats why I need a way to import .3ds models and scenes to my game.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you Mr. Normen for your assist.I really appreciate it.

I have downloaded and installed the ogremax to my 3dmax 2009, but instead of exporting the model in .mesh.xml format, it is exporting in .mesh format only, I have tried to import .mesh into my jmonkey game but it didn’t work.

JMONKEY Code of import:

Spatial ninja = assetManager.loadModel(“Models/meshes/meshes/elephant.mesh”); //the elephant is exported from 3dmax using ogremax


but it’s giving me the error :

WARNING: No loader registered for type .

Sep 11, 2011 6:05:39 AM handleError

SEVERE: Uncaught exception thrown in Thread[LWJGL Renderer Thread,5,main]


And when I try to convert it to j3o it gives me :

Cannot locate resource: Models/meshes/meshes/elephant.mesh.xml

Trying to save asset that has not been loaded before or does not support saving!

Could not locate saved file.

What should I do…I really need help it’s for my final project at university without and your are the only one who is/can help me.

thanks again.

It looks you aren’t alone with this issue, i already see someone with the same problem and they got to solve it in another thread, you could search that thread. Anyway, you can use blender as a intermediator between 3dmax and jmp, by importing the .3ds file to blender and loading the .blend file in jmp by using the BlenderSupport and ModelImporter plugins. It’s your choice.

jME3 can’t load .mesh files directly. You have to convert them to mesh.xml … jMP can do that for you but I see you’re having some trouble with that.

@normen: have any idea why conversion from .mesh to .mesh.xml could fail? It seems the fail isn’t there

If its linux then because theres no ogre binary for linux

no I’m on a windows 7 laptop…but I like the proposition of glaucomardano because I’ve installed both 3dmax 2009 and blende v2.49b so I could do that but can you give more detail on how it could be done, because as I said before I’m very new at this. maybe a tutorial could help also

Thanks again

ok, i will do a little tutorial.

ok thanks a lot , really appreciate it…I don’t mean to be rude or anything but do you by any chance have a code for a game that is a maze in 3D first person cam with an object at the end which takes the user to the next level,a simple one because thats the topic of my senior project and I dont have much time to finish it and I’m still in the begining …thanks your for your help

No, i didn’t do any game yet, but i’m going to start one this month. I still didn’t the tutorial, because i’m trying to solve a problem i’m having in jmp, today, when i updated all plugins from all repositories, a lot of modules can’t be enabled anymore…:frowning:

OK, i did a simple html tutorial, but the code is displayed instead of executed. How can i enable the html embedding?

Here’s the link.

I really don’t know how to thank you…worked like a charm …finally!!! thanks again really appreciate it .

And it is the same if I want to import a scene right?? thank you very very much you saved me!

Yes, it doesn’t matter if it is a model or a scene, just load the .blend file. For the BlenderSupport plugin, it’s maintained by @Kaelthas. So if you have any issues with that plugin, tell him. Ah, Did you get to open the tutorial in your browser by copying/pasting the html code to a blank file?

Edit: The tutorial page is ugly, someone can repair it to me :D? It was the first page i created on wiki.

no the tutorial was fine by me …I just put the image url in another tab to be able to see them :stuck_out_tongue: anw thanks again and I’ll get back to you if i needed anything else, your name and normen’s will be mentioned greatly in my project’s report. :smiley: thanks again