Import from Blender - visible faces only one side

Hi all,

I’m trying to import model from blender to jme3d. The model in blender is created with (i hope) all of the information from the documentation page. After importing to jme3d (stable version) i have some strange artifacts with the model. The model can be seen exactly as in blender from one side, but when i move the view on the other side, the faces dissapear. The error can be seen on the following images:

Bad side:

Good side:

Reference image from blender:

How can I prevent this from happening ? I do not “feel” the jme3d and blender cooperation very well, and maybe (it must be?) there is something, which i’m doing wrong in blender.

Thanks !

Sorry, bad image links and I cannot preview the post:

wrong side:

good side:

blender reference:

Blender displays two-sided faces, but JME defaults to one-sided. Select the vanishing faces in Blender and do a “flip normals” operation on them.


also there is a setting somewhere in the menu in blender when you push “n” to toggle drawing of back faces on and off, quite useful to help you see whats going on when youre working on the model.


Thanks a lot ! That was that.