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Hi when i import a blender model in “JME 3.0 Stable” by using Import Model green key in top left it works perfectly,But when i modify this file in blender and then try to import it one more time ,Jme imports old version of it - the first version it imported the first time .Soo i have to restart JM to import a new version of model .
My question is :
Am i doing some thing wrong ?
Should it be this way ?
Is there some thing alse i can do to import a new version of a model without restarting JME ?
I post no model couse it do the same thing with every and any model .
Is there any thing alse i could post to be more precise?
I tried as well importing other models but it did not worked ,the only thing i found was restart.
I’m just want to learn use JME properly as i’ve noticed i do not allways do the things correctly.

did you convert it to j3o file?

I save a .blender file in blender ,and then when i finish to import it becomes j3o

Try re selecting the same file again when you import the second or more times. Also, why 3.0?

I did :frowning: unfortunately not working

Ok then delete the old file and save it again. It cannot possibly be the old one in that instance.

Do you intend to import from loaded files? yes i do as well but still not works,only thing work is restart or rename

It might be a bug. Why are you using a very old SDK may I ask?

When i loaded it it was new :smiley: soo there was a new version ? :smiley:

This is the releases page.

Thnx :smiley: i want really checking it alot :smiley:

Don’t want to promote this hugely since I want to write an self-updater for it, but this app lets you use any branch of the SDK and engine, including master.

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Seems really nice and good :slight_smile:

I know this may seem like a stupid response but, did you remember to save the file in blender before trying to import?

Edit: I missed your response to yn97. My bad.

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