Import .obj

Afaik JMP can import objs. But I just can’t get it. I click Import Model and select the .obj mesh and nothing appears in the preview window. It gives no errors too. What is wrong?

Are the obj and mtl files listed? What happens when you import it? Does the SceneViewer open when you open the importer? It needs to be open for the preview window to render.

Now I see the mesh. It doesn’t have a corresponding .mtl file, then I can only see it by turning wireframe on and somehow orbiting the camera till it hits the mesh. Its importing fine when I have a mtl file.

Anyway, I am a noob at JMP and this seems to be outdated because I can’t find that stuff in JMP. The properties window won’t show the properties of the material for example.

Read the complete manual page… You have to create a new j3m file to edit it that way.

Oh I created a Material Definition j3md instead of a Material j3m. And now, I can’t assign the new material to my mesh. The Material dropdown menu is not ‘enabled’ in the Properties window.

Thanks for the support.

Open the model in the SceneComposer, you cannot edit it when you just open it in the viewer.

Ok now I got it working, thank you.