Import packages

Hello. I am trying to import some packages into my jmonkey application. I want to start an intent but i cant figure out what package to add. I found That extends an activity. Now i am looking for a way to start an intent, how do i import import android.content.Intent; into jmonkey. Thanks. I don’t know where to look for it. I looked everywhere.

Also here is another forum post i have been reading.

I see there are two files going on here and im very confused how is there

My JME3 startActivity:


public class Game extends SimpleApplication

Where would I start an activity in my jmonkey studio?

thanks bye

What about using the SDK and just checking the android checkbox?

What sdk? How do I get to that screen what does checking the android checkbox’s do exactly. thanks

well the read this doc
The first table explains about the SDK and has a link to the download page.
Create a project in the sdk, then right click, choose properties, and you’ll have this ui.
Checking the check box makes an android project from your jme3 project (providing you have the android sdk installed).
It creates an activity that initialise your jme app an displays it in a glview.