Import problems due to localScale / localTranslation

We are loading in a model of a ship (blend using the standard importer), then attempting to create a NavMesh over it using nmgen and the NavMesh code from Monkey Zone. We are not having the issue with other models.

The problem is the model isn’t loading in with a localScale and localTranslation of 1.

So when we pull the mesh from the geometry it’s stretched and vertical (like a sinking titanic).

Any ideas? Are we being dim?



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Hope this isn’t a stoupid answer, but did you try applying the transforms (loc/rot/scale) on your object in blender (object-apply-location/rotation/scale)?

indeed, to do that(if you dont know) select object and then use crtl-a -> apply location / rotation / scale.

it should fix the issue.

Thanks. That sort of fixed it

It now imports, but large chunks of the floors are missing out of the navmesh.

Reasonably certain its not the navmesh settings (no steeper slopes or curves than anything that imported fine etc)

Any ideas?

I think you misinterpret the nav mesh. A large area without lines just means “you can walk there freely”. Its areas, not paths.

Edit: Heres an image of how a proper navmesh looks:

We have code set to display the navmesh for debug reasons.
The NavMesh, as we understand it is a series of triangles representing where is traversable. Blank space is where is not.

As can be seen in the images above, large chunks of the floor are missing.

Kind of confusing that its in two directions, did you tweak the settings so that e.g. narrow paths get used etc.? Generally it looks like it works.

Stil waiting on the member of our team that knows the config best to take a look, but its working on areas far narrower than those that are being missed.
I mean, as you can see its found the stairs.

I’ll have a bit of trial and error on the config numbers that could be causing problems. Post back the results either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Maybe its a normal issue? Idk if they are accounted for at all though.