Import Project→External Project Assets is not working anymore in newer SDK

Hallo Guys,

my AgentKeeper Project is back to life Again (

We use Eclipse for developing because of the Jadex Framework.

We organzied our Assets all the time in the Jmonkey SDK with the well known Import Project→External Project Assets command.

But this step is not working anymore. He dont recognize the Assets Folder.

It is a normal Maven Java Project.

Did you Guys change something that you need a special File in the Assets Folder or…? It worked last in Juli 2013.

My steps are these:

But the result is just that;

So we cant organize / manipulate / edit our Assets comfortable in the SceneExplorer like we could before… :frowning:

You guys would really really help us out with some Ideas how to fix this.

Apparently this is because the actual maven project gets recognized and NetBeans opens it as a maven project. Either remove the maven support (you must have added the plugin manually) or give the wizard a parent folder to store its project information.

Its a fresh installed JMonkey SDK…where comes the maven support from? This Maven NG stuff? Because Maven is defenetly not installed (by us) for Netbeans.

@PhilipWilluweit said: Its a fresh installed JMonkey SDK....where comes the maven support from? This Maven NG stuff? Because Maven is defenetly not installed (by us) for Netbeans.

Hm, it could be theres some dependencies on base maven support in the core java support of the NetBeans platform… I had some issues with that but I thought it was removed in the final 7.3 version… Just try disabling the maven plugins if there are any.

Like I said there is no Maven Plugin, but I will try again. Once I tried it I have to reinstall JDK otherwise he dont want to do this step again…without any comment

No you didn’t say that but if theres nothing you can disable (sometimes plugins get installed along with others e.g. groovy) you’ll have to resort to option two. You can possibly even use the asset folder as the project folder. It seems like the maven support is built in and is preferred when having a folder that is both a maven and a jme project.

The JDK is included in the 3.0 stable installer btw.

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Hey, Importing the Asset folder directly is working! Nice, thanks alot again Normen, like in January you helped alot :slight_smile: