Import scene in JME

Hi guys.

Vuostro I need help.

I just started studying JME. Should I make a small application.

I've seen some projects carried out by others using JME on youtube at the following link:

but there are really many.

I should make a small application that let me see a room with a desk table, walls, etc. etc…

I wanted to know the room tupo the wall the floor I saw the import somehow through a program that I realize I have to create a scene or object and import these items??

I await your own advice.


Damn Google translate, I cannot really understand well enough to make intelligent comments  :frowning:

It seems that you need help with starting from the very basics with jME. I suggest you go to the wiki and start following some tutorials:

I watched your link.

Both the first and the third I know the second I think is more useful.

I have to make a room with a desk in the middle.

Can you tell me if there is any example about it?

Thanks for your replies

You will need to get a model of the room and the desk, and then import them:

Also this might be useful:

Depending on the format your models are and if you have experience using modeling software like Blender or 3DS you will need to decide which models to use.

Good luck!  :slight_smile: