Import Scene (light problem)

I have problem with importing scene with directional light. Everything is ok, only rotation of directional light no. For example. If i have scene with sun lightning on scene to west, after open model in jME scene compositor i see sun lightning to scene from top, no to west as i have it in blender scene. I export scene with Ogre to scene exporter.

Another problem is blender files. If i import in jME blender file, there is no lights from scene and material have shine to 100% in materials.

It is a bug? Or is there any idea how to export scene with directional light correctly?

Another problem is scene compositor. If i create any light, i cant move or rotate with light and directional light dont have any visible point in scene compositor.

I use jME 3 RC 2
and use Blender 2.65a

i read this before i create this topic. Anyway, both links dont affect my problem, or dont touch my problem. (sorry for my english, i am still learning).

i add screen for better imagination what i am talking about.

From this doc:

From this doc:

  1. How i get correct light direction from sun?
  2. Why if i open *.scene file i dont have shiny materials and why if i import the blend file with exactly same settings i have shiny materials 100%?

If i understand this words “All other material parameters or effects (like particles etc.) can not be expected to be transferred properly and probably would not translate to live rendering very well anyway.” this is for material. Or lights too? If no, then how it is possible, if i set up directional lightning from bottom (in blender), and in jME is the still same result as in my picture i post?
EDIT: and why i can get same or alike result as in blender with set light direction manual? It is hard to set up because the set up is more different in jME scene compositor.

  1. You set it (hint: NOT in blender)
  2. Cause the blender importer aims to import and convert blender settings but thats not always possible

You only have to understand the words “ONLY EXPECT MESHES AND UV TEXTURES TO IMPORT”. This translates to: DON’T do anything else in the model editor and expect it to work! No light positions, no shininess, nothing.

A-HA! :slight_smile: Thanks for explanation normen. Then there is it last problem. If i create any light, i cant move or rotate with light and directional light dont have any visible point in scene compositor (jME) (point light have some light bulb icon). I am working on Win7 64bit. I saw jME2 or jME3 alpha1 and those have more functional and all solutions for create lightning in scene compositor.In jME3 RC 2 scene compositor is improved, but adding lights and moving with lights is disabled. Or may i expect update in near future, or it is bug?

I think its user error. You get the icon for point lights as they are the only ones with a location in the scene, yeah. Then you can select it and set its properties.


I got the same problem in the scene composer.
When I select a PointLight in the object hierarchy (in the 3D window I can’t select a light) of the scene I can’t move it around but I can set the position in the properties window.
(I can see the translation control in the 3D world but when I move it, the IDE selects the whole scene and moves it.)
But that isn’t hat comfortable.

Is it possible to move/rotate around a PointLight/SpotLight in the 3D window itself with the mouse?

Thanks for help!

While this doesn’t directly resolve your issue, I do have one thing to mention if you were not aware of it:

When you are working with a scene in blender if you select an object and go to the Logic panel click on “Add Property”. If you set a name and value that will show up in the imported scene as UserData for that object’s Spatial. Then at runtime you can look for that UserData, it should show up in the scene composer too if you select the Spatial it was attached too.

Now there is a chance this might not work if you are importing a .blender file as I have not tested that. I use Blender 2.49b and work with the Ogre Mesh Exporter. I have a command line compiler to create .j3o files and I make use of UserData to perform additional processing before writing the .j3o