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1 - after installing the OGRE export script in “scrips” directory(blender) i cannot find it in the export menu

2 - can’t find the python panel where i could load any script i want

plz help

i know belnder 4.x,not blender 6.x

can someone help me out ???

thx folks

have a great day

plz help !!!

You have to select the geometry of the mesh to have the export option enabled.

If the export option is not visible at all, then you have not correctly installed the ogre script. You should be able to just drop it in the directory and have it work.

Sometimes you need to activate Addons in Blender:

File->User Preferences->Addons

well hat damned OGRE export does no show up

the script is in the scripts/ rep of blender

i tried many dir’s and it does not work

it should at least show up

i would not write in here otherwise

I think there was some way to refresh that list somehow…

i just followed your tutorials who seem not to be up to date(to mee)

i installed jm3D 3(beta)

installed blender 2.61

i did the install OGRE script thingy from the IDE, it says install successfull

and in blender Export’s menu it does not show up

what do i do wrong ??

ok I give up jMonkey shit

good bye


the ogre plugin isn’t even jmonkey. Complain to the blender folks or Ogre3d, the guys who made the exporter.

You will receive no future help from me on any topic with this attitude. And you might want to think about abandoning game programming all together if you cannot install a plugin. Everyone else has gotten it to work, and there are much more difficult roads ahead in making a game.

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