Import Sphere with Halo from Blender

Hello Guys

I have a Problem with importing a normal Sphere with a halo effect of Blender.

In blender it looks like this:

I made an export with the ogre exporter from jMonkey and if i import it to jmonkey, it looks like this:

I searched for an answer a whole day. I don’t know what to do now and hope you can help me.


Is that using some custom effect of blender? You can only transfer the most basic stuff from blender to jME, the effects aren’t a 1-1, you need to replicate the effects in jME yourself

Thank you for fast reply. Well that sounds logical. Do you have some links or somthing like that to a tutorial where i can learn how to do this?

I can’t see what the effect is exactly, you may be able to use the standard Filters than come with jME, or you will have to write a shader for it

Halo nor Volume material are not supported by JME. Idk if the blender loader can load wire materials.
The Halo material is very specific to blender, and usually in 3D engines glow and all kind of flares are done using post processing or particle emitters.
Now maybe with some good shader knowledge you could achieve something similar to what blender does, but remember that this material only work when you render with blender, I don’t think it’s meant to be real time.