Import Unity Models?

By far the biggest problem I have when creating 3D games, is obtaining the assets I need (dammit Jim, I’m a programmer not an artist). Even when I’ve found a Blender model (since they have the best success rate) often they don’t load or are unusable. Unity seems to be most common format these days. Is there a way to import Unity assets into JME?

I think there’s an object (.obj) exporter for unity - which will let you import them to blender, and then back out again as GLTF. You would need the unity IDE, though. That’s the only way I know of…

The reason OBJ is probably the only supported export format is because it’s relatively easy to write one, and that there’s little demand for exporting so much as importing.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, even if I did have Unity, .obj format isn’t really a problem as they’re quite ubiquitous; it’s finding quality animated assets, which obviously .obj can’t handle. I’ve written a few multiplayer FPS’s in JME, but without decent animated avatars, it’s all for nought.

There are placeholder models around that are good to get things going. In my experience, though, unless you can find a modeller that wants to work with you, it’s inevitable that you get to grips with blender. I resisted for so long. I’m no modeller either, but there are some really good tutorials.

I highly recommend this series.

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Also, anything by Andrew Price ( is gold.

I’ve converted many models. Simply purchase, download, open project folder, you’ll find the .fbx there.

You might have to do some texturing work but my models have imported fine animations and all.