IMPORTANT! Extension name change for all library XML files (internal & ext.)

The extension is being changed for all tonegodGUI xml files from:




This includes…

All references in this document
All control definition xml files (Button.gui.xml, Window.gui.xml, etc)

It also includes external Layout xml files. Not even sure if many are aware that you can define your layouts (or sections of your layouts) this way… but! You can! And you’ll now need to name them with the .gui.xml extension :wink:

If you are using texture atlasing, remember the screen initialization calls:

Screen screen = screen(this, “tonegod/gui/style/def/atlas/style_map.gui.xml”); // needs to contain the proper file extension as well!

Anyways, sorry for the inconvenience…

This change will not be in tomorrow’s update, but WILL be contained in the one following. These changes are committed to the repo, with a complete restructuring of Style parsing (still referenced through the Screen class, as are cursors & audionodes… just handled elsewhere now).

Throw your complaints here… this is a rare occasion where I’ve committed something that will alter your side of things. Sorry again!

Guess it’s worth mentioning:

If you are using the stock look & feel, nothing will change on your side.

If you’re using atlasing, just the screen initialization will change.