Imported into the beginning of my game my model becomes a blender

I imported my file and its md5 anim
The same model in him and display correctly
But when the animation works
She got started
The animation takes place (the arm bends)
But all the model suffers from tremors

I use in my first example all worked perfectly
(SimplePassGame) class

I use in my game
a AbstractGame class
State BasicGameState for manage the display of node

I just try another model with less complicated

It seems to work correctly in my game

  It 's strange

Most likely it is just a buggy model… remember exporting and importing is a delicate process, and inevitably some things are lost in the process… Some times using another tool to export or another exporter could fix the issues… even re-creating the model might help.

When it becomes complex
I will try step by step (even with a basic model, but using the same technique)
Yet if the importing model with a single frame of animation it works very well ...

I just use
The new animation in the program test it works
But in my application by moving it functions as if it were in a whirlwind

Is not my mondel who are concerned it is the library
Md5 I recompile thereof and his works

It could still be a problem with the model, it is just that the new version of the importer handles better the problem… Anyway, I am glad it works.