Imported Model animation control problem

As in the title I have a problem with an animation control of imported model. In Blender3D my animation action I have called “move”. After exporting to Jmonky SDK the same action is called “my_animation” apart this the imported model plays this action fine. I don’t understand why imported model did not keep an action name from Blender. Blender 2.66.1 and proper xml Ogre3d exporter. Any ideas?

Animations has to be added to blender’s NLA tracks editor to be correctly exported with Ogre. otherwise you only have the current animation, and it’s renamed “my_animation”.
I was pretty sure we had it covered in the tutorials we have[]=nla

But it seems there is just a mention to it, but no explanation.
See this post

Thanks I had no idea about NLA tracks editor - in fact all actions are left as defauttracks in NLA - I have renamed it and problem gone . Thank you