Imported model refuses to show the animation


I finally made it exporting a model from Cinema 4D with the OgreXMLExporter-Plugin(if someone needs information about that, pm me). If i add the model to the scene, and try to trigger the animation, nothing happens. I surely execute the animation. If i cahnge the model to the golem and just change the animationname to walk, the golem walks. The animation is in the skeletonfile also, ando the skeleton is linked in the mesh-file.

Here are both files, maybe you find a difference. I can’t actually.

Skeleton: Skeleton

Mesh: Mesh

Thanx for all help! :>

Open the model in jMP and select the AnimControl, there you will see all animations registered in the model. If there are none, the export failed for some reason. If there are, you probably execute them wrong.

getAnimationNames() shows me the animation “test”, what is right.

this shall init the control and the channels:

public void init(Spatial model)


this.model = model;

this.control = model.getControl(AnimControl.class);

this.channelWalk = control.createChannel();


This shall trigger the animation on key “w” is pressed (i see the “run” output, but nothing moves):

public void run()







i thought thats all! Well, if i change the spatial to Oto, and call animation “Walk” everything is fine.

may be you should reexport it again

I once exported a mesh with a lot of animations, I didnt get any error but one of animation was wrong.

hm… i found the source of the problem, the boneassignements do not get exported. So the animation will work, but the model has no idea how to reakt on it! :wink: I wrote to the developer of the plugin, thanxx for your time!

In addition to that, I noticed that all your bones are called “Bone” this causes a lot of conflicts in the system. Make sure all the bone names differ.