Imported .obj Files not rendering Properly

hey just wondering if anyone has came across the same problem.

I am importing .obj files created using the Next Engine 3D Scanner. The models seem to be made correctly and well alligned but when I import them into jME, the models seem to have 'black' areas, as if jME couldnt render that little bit of the model.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help

well can you maybee uplaod the file? cause i wonder obj never made any problems for me.

look for parameters for the java vm, standart it can only use quite low values (for 3d games at least)

Hi yeh I think it might be because i have simplified the mesh too much and the texture is not attaching properly but will investigate that tonight. Here are the files. The files are in 4 zip folders, 1 contains the .obj and .mtl file, and the others contain the images used for the textures. they are in 4 folders because the forum wont let me post it any other way.

One problem is that when I dont simplify the mesh this much I get.

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory  - i use netbeans so if anyone can tell me how assign more memory that would be awesome.


Cool thanks, Did you try and render the model at all, did it work alright?


solved the rendering of the model, I just imported the model into blender then exported it back out and it works fine, lol