Importing a blender file in Jmonkey, Animations arent working

Hello Community,

I am working on a school projekt where i have to model a human body with animations in Blender.
Everything is working fine and in blender the animations look like i want them to. The problem is when i am importing the model into our programming software(JMonkey) the animations are either not working at all or the model is scaling the animations very strangely or the model is just freaking out completeley.

Anouther thing to meintion is, that JMonkey converts the .blend file into a .j3o file.

Have you had any Experiences with such issues and do you have a solution for me?

If you need any ferther Information just ask me.

Greets fepf

What he said. For getting scale and loc/rot to 1, enter object mode and control-a