Importing a dae with textures only looks correct in preview

my current problem is that the import process of an dea has a bug with textures. For example export a model with a texture from Sketchup as a dae and import in directly in jMonkey, then in the preview of the 3d model it looks correct, all textures are shown, but when the model is imported and I open it again in the SDK viewer, the textures are not shown anymore. They are in the asset folder together with the created j3o file but some step in the copy process seems to be broken, maybe the “auto texture import path fix” process JME does? What I currently do to solve the problem is, I import it in blender, export is as obj, and import the obj in jMonkey, that normally works.

Can’t say for sure what the issue is, the thing is with dae the model gets converted to a .blend file first using blender command line, then the .blend file is imported. So theres various ways in which the texture can get lost. At any instance you can create a j3m file from the geometry material and re-assign the texture there (and also see what texture path is created for the j3o file on import). Just select the geometry and in the properties window under “Material” select “create j3m”.