Importing a Model-> only 'invisible' poligons get rendered


I am new to the 3d modelling and 3d programming, i have already made a few small games in my young years.

The goal of my current project is to create a command and conquer like game. Since this is a one man show i do not expect to be finnished soon. :wink:

I want to create a demo map and some demo object in it to continue programming the game. Map was not a problem, now i am stuck at importing custom meshes. I currently use blender a modelling tool (i have started modelling a few days ago and all i don’t know much about blender (yet))

The problem is that when i try to import a fairly simple object (a turret) only the currently invisible pologons get rendered. Basically i am seeing always the inside of my model. The opossing side, (theoretically invisible) get rendered correctly. Look at the picture attached if you don’t understand what i am meaning.

Thank you in advance

Best regards


In blender:

-Enter edit mode. Select all mesh’s verticies. calculate the normals outside by pressing ctrl+n. To calculate inside press ctrl+shift+n. Export it again.

Thank you very much. At least simple object are now rendered correct.