Importing an Avatar from blender

Alright, so I’ve been struggling through this process for around two weeks now but I think I’m getting a lot closer to having things work. Right now, I’m at a bit of a crossroads. I have the character model done in blender and I’ve successfully exported it to Ogrexml and loaded the .scene file in jme3. The thing is, I have multiple materials on the model and I want to add animations next. I don’t think I can call animations on a .scene file (if I can tell me so and I’ll be good) but I also can’t figure out how to export a single object with more than one .material file that’s associated with it.

Thanks for any help,


i have character like you have, with many Geometries in one Node. And animations work fine, what’s a problem?

you need to find AnimControl and use it…

When you brought it into jMonkey was it a .scene file at first?

ogre mesh scene, yes. - only ogre, via blend2j3o i dont checked.

and then when you export to j3o file you have Node and in it: Geometries + AnimControl.

then you just take this animControl, and set animation(it set it for all Geometries).


i have a prototype of class for this kind of animations for many Spatials/Geometries/AnimControls, and it work great. i just need to fix some things there, but you can base on it(becouse it work).


but everything you need is just find a animControl:

[java]AnimControl animControl = spatial.getControl(AnimControl.class);[/java]

add listener:


and create channel for your animations:

[java]animControl.createChannel()[/java] // set to variable where you set animations.

thats all.

awesome thanks, i’ll make sure it look into that when i’m trying to get my animations to work