Importing blender animation

So I imported a blender file into JMonkey Platform. It converted fine and created a j3o file from it. The j3o has AnimationControl node visible in JMonkey Platform and even plays the animation once I double click it. But when I try to use assetManager to load the model from within a java class and assign it to a spatial, the resulting spatial appears to not have any controls assigned to it. Is that normal?

Blender 2.63, file saved as legacy mesh format. The model displays fine in JMonkey Platform.

Look in the SceneExplorer exactly where the AnimControl is, you see the root node of the j3o file in the Scene Explorer. Also you can get any child of a loaded node like


Node node = (Node) assetManager.loadModel("Models/MyModel.j3o");

Spatial child = node.getChild("child_name");

AnimControl animControl = child.getControl(AnimControl.class);


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Well, wasn’t that simple… Thanks a lot, much appreciated:)