Importing FBX to jME (with rig)

Hello there. I’m having some problems with model importing, again. This time it is with importing FBX with rigged model. Somehow, a model works just fine (well, mostly fine), but adding a rig to it breaks everything. As there is no tutorial in wiki on how this should be handled with FBX, asking here… I have tried to import with both “new” (just Java) and “old” (Blender based) importers. In addition to that, loading rigged model to standalone Blender fails.

I have “working” (scale is buggy, but that is minor issue) version without a rig here: here. And there is what happens with rig: link.

Sorry if there is something obvious. I am no Maya expert, but our new 3D modeller wants to use Maya, so no choice really (he made these models as quick tests, to see if it works with jME). He is confident that these models are correct and has tested them with Unity and Unreal (they worked, he said).

The issue here is that I’m in no position to make many demands to our 3D modeller. No one in our team, including me, gets any money from this project (at least yet). Personally I really like jME (except the model importing), so I would certainly not switch to another game engine if there is anything that I can do. For me it is possible to do quite a lot work to get those models imported (if that is required). Ways that would require our 3D modeller to do a lot of extra work to ensure model compatibility are sadly not ok; I fear he would leave our team if I demanded that.

So, what do you think? Is there something I missed, or should we start seriously considering other game engines?

Edit: To be clear, I’m thankful for jME developers that such great open source solution exists. However, this is not only my personal project this time, so I might not always be able to use tools that I personally prefer. :frowning:

Even blender could not import the rigged one properly.

You may want to check this new FBX loader for JME

Unfortunately I had not time to build this yet but may be next week.
You can build from the pull request yourself or build from
GitHub - Heatherglade/jmonkeyengine: A complete 3D game development suite written purely in Java..

Thanks for advise. However, by “new” I meant exactly that one. Anyway, we might have solved the issue. Animation layers/channels might be causing problems with FBX and everything that is is not Maya.