Importing materials with a .3DS model?

hello, i'm relatively new to jME and 3D graphics in general so don't have too great a grasp of everything yet, but i'm currently making a chess game with my friend doing all the graphics work. In 3DS Max, he made the models of the pieces, and set the materials to make the black pieces black and the white pieces white but for some reason when i load the models into my program, they all show up as white. Is there some sort of hint you're supposed to pass to the converter for .3DS models to make sure they import materials? Thanks for any help on this.

Hi, first step is check the light state - ( this can be easily checked by pressing the 'L' key if using standard game ). It may be that the modeller was just using vertex colouring

If this is the problem, ask your friend to add a texture to the models along with the material state.