Importing materials with meshes

Hello there!

I’m currently attempting to set up my whole importing pipeline but am currently stuck. My issue lies with importing a mesh.xml file and a corresponding .material file. When importing the mesh file you will, if you don’t have a properly named material file in the directory, have a box pop up telling you that you do not - but you can still import the mesh without a material file. If you do so the mesh file seems to by default get a red material. My problem is that even thouh I do have the right material file lying in the directory when importing the mesh it still merely becomes red. I have tried fooling around with the material file using

a) The one exported from Blender

b) A textured one using the simple example from (changed to fit with my texture etc.)

c) A simple colored material wrote like shown in the forementioned guide.s

But nothing changes

I am thinking that perhaps the mesh isn’t getting the right material file attached to it but in the properties view of the imported geometry the “Material” dropbox is grayed out.

Any hints as to what I am doing wrong? :smiley:


Check the pdf at the bottom of this wiki page, it contains detailed info on how to export OgreXML from blender to jME. Also check the help of the Ogre exporter to see what material settings are supported, remember Blender is for static rendering while a game is realtime rendering, so not all material settings are supported.