Importing model from blender fails

Hello everyone.

I just gave my first try in importing a model into the SceneEditor from Blender.

To see what I have to do, I’ve created a simple cube in blender with a diffuse map.

But when I am trying to import it in the SDK it just fails with “Cannot import this file!”.

This is my blender model:

The texture file is included in the archive.

Can someone please have a look and tell me what I am doing wrong?



for testing I am only using one diffuse texture which is somwhere in my texture repository on my PC.

would it be necessary to copy the textures to the model file?

Did you check this:


the diffuse map is UV mapped and I also exported it using the legacy format.

Are all textures in the folder where you have the model (or a subfolder)?

… Yes

I’ve copied the texture file into the directory where the blender file is saved and reassigned the paths in blender to match the new location.

Still shows me this error message on importing.

Is there a blender import tutorial somwhere which is more detailled than the one you linked above?

Just read the one I linked properly, also the docs it links itself. The file having to be in the same folder is also mentioned.

This is what I did now:

I’ve exported the model in blender with UV maps as ogre mesh.

Then I renamed the Materials file to Cube.materials and copied it with the other files (Cube.mesh, Cube.mesh.xml and the texture file) into one Asset Directory.

After that I deleted all unknown directives in the materiel file.

Then I right-clicked the Cube.mesh.xml file and chose “Convert to .j3o binary”.

It worked without errors but when I want to open the j3o file I displays an error message saying “Error opening Cube.j3o”.

Also it created a file named +Cube.material.

Do you have any idea what’s wrong this time?

If you get the error theres a warning sign in the lower right of the SDK showing any exception that has been thrown.