Importing Models from Blender

I’m using blender 2.49b, and I’m trying to export models using the ogreXML converter that I installed with jMP alpha-4. Everything works fine when I export a model with no armature attached, but when I try to export one with an armature, I get lots of “Warning: Vertex without bone assignment!” messages, even though the animation works correctly in Blender. When I right-click the .mesh.xml file and click View Model, the imported model looks like a cube, even though it should be roughly humanoid.

This is my .blend file.

What am I doing wrong?

All vertices have to be assigned to some bone.

Did you give names for your model’s animations in OgreExporter Window?

normen: I’m not sure what you mean. I set the envelope size on the bones so that the vertices I want are affected by the bones I want. All of the vertices are affected by exactly one bone, because this is a very simple case. I did a little bit of vertex weight painting to make sure this was the case.

glaucomardano: The animation is named “WaveR” in both Blender and Ogre.

In blender. There may be no vertices that are not assigned to a bone. The vertex group names have to match. You can apply that from the envelope.

I set each vertex to be in a vertex group with the same name as the bone that controls it. Now it will appear more or less correctly.

Except that it’s distorted. The model in blender was much thinner in the z dimension than it is after it’s imported. Did I do something wrong exporting it?

Edit: Never mind, I just needed to apply the rotation/scale transform to the mesh before exporting.

well got the same issue

anim works super awesome

on export, it finds out vertices not assigned

i checked, actualy some vertices are definetely not assigned, (the whole arm of my caracter for instance)

but the whole mesh is rigged, and the anim works ok

problem is in blender, but what causes it ??? what is the bloody explanation ?? fucking mystery i guess

blender 2.6 + blender2ogre exporter will solve your problem.

Forget about blender 2.49… this is really old peace…

Here you will find some useful info and models: