Importing MonkeyBrains?

I just downloaded the MonkeyBrains master folder from the monkeybrains github page and, after I imported the project, aboult half of the source packages had files with errors. Is that standard? Sorry for the vague question.


What do you mean be “import the project”?

Game>Properties>Libraries>Add Project…>Select MonkeyBrains Folder

The normal way is to build the project and add the created jar files (or use prebuilt jar files).

Hmm. When I went to file>Open Project and opened the MonkeyBrains folder, the same source packages contained errors. I also can’t run the master-application.jnlp (the file within the folder itself) file without an error. Should I not be doing either of those two things?

I don’t know, I didn’t write monkeybrains. Isn’t there some precompiled jar distro?

Nope, there aren’t any jar files in the folder.

Does the AI plugin that you wrote have steercontrol and some basic AI behaviors? That’s all I really wanted to use.

On a sidenote, when I install plugins through the plugin menu, I get yet another error telling me that “Check your proxy settings or try again later. This server may be unavailable at the moment. You may also want to make sure that your firewall is not blocking network traffic. Your cache may be out of date. Pplease click Reload Catalog to refresh content.”

I’m being inundated with errors :confounded:

Note: usually it is more helpful for people to offer advice on an “I get errors” issue if you actually tell them what the errors are. This avoids some of the back-and-forth game of “20 questions” to figure out a solution.

While I didn’t actually write the “classic” MonkeyBrains, I can tell you for sure that it does because I’m currently using it. Check out the wiki, it’s well documented.

This may or may not be related to the fact that the plugin toolchain is somewhat “out of shape”. Pray that 3.1 gets released soon :smirk:

Also, with my newfound powers, I’ve moved the thread to troubleshooting->ai


About your compiling problems, you need to either:

  1. Delete the “redmonkey” package or

  2. Add these libs:

EDIT: to avoid further waste of time, I’ll move redmonkey to a different branch and revert MonkeyBrains to the “stable” version.

UPDATE: redowload the master, now it should be OK.

Probably your firewall does block network traffic. The plugin building and distribution works fine.

Damn, my FUD-spreading attempt is foiled!

Well, pray that 3.1 gets released soon anyways :laughing:

Besides, redownload the master, now it should be OK.

hello, I also have the same problem. I download monkeybrains from here GitHub - QuietOne/MonkeyBrains: Agent framework for jMonkey Engine but I can’t import it. I right click on my project then properties → libraries → add Library and I choose the zip file that I downloaded. After that the zip file is in the library of the project but when I use for example import* I get the message “package import doesn’t exist” from the IDE. What do I do wrong?

Uhm, you have to build the project and import the created jar file…